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The Tell-Tale Signs To Have Your Wisdom Tooth Extracted

One of the greatest inconveniences you might encounter as you get older is when your wisdom teeth finally grow out. Formally known as third molars, wisdom teeth are considered late bloomers since they emerge at the back of your gums when you reach the late teenage years.

Unfortunately, the appearance of these molars brings about a couple of problems. This is because, by the time you and your peers reach your late twenties, the arrangement of your teeth has been set – all your adult teeth have been well-positioned and thus creating little to no space for more teeth in your mouth. As a result, your wisdom teeth are said to be impacted. If you sight an impacted wisdom tooth, fret not as an average of 60-70% of people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth.

But, with all that said, once you have grown your wisdom teeth, it is not always necessary for you to have them extracted. So read on to find out the most common tell-tale signs that call for wisdom tooth extraction!

Mouth or jaw pain

Once you feel prolonged pain at the back of your mouth, it is most likely a sign that your wisdom tooth has started to become impacted. This pain appears when you eat, brush your teeth, or even occasionally when your body is at rest. As soon as you start feeling pain, sensitivity, or a slight throbbing sensation in your mouth, it will be best to schedule an appointment with your dentist right away.

The growth of an impacted wisdom tooth can affect the structural integrity of your jaw. Thus, you would need to have the teeth extracted right away when there is persistent pain, swelling, or stiffness of the jaw. If not, there is a risk of developing a fracture on your jaw. To best assess any possible jaw damage, your dentist would probably request to have it checked with an X-ray scan. 

Inflammation around the gums

When your wisdom tooth starts growing, your gums may also begin to hurt. This is because as the wisdom tooth goes through a partial eruption, there will be a flap of gum tissue behind your 12-year molar (the second molars in front of the wisdom teeth). The creation of this flap of tissue can trap particles of food and bacteria and eventually lead to irritation or inflammation. A visible tell-tale sign of this is when you observe your gums to be swollen or red.

If your gums become inflamed, you are likely to have contracted a condition known as pericoronitis: an infection that occurs around wisdom teeth that are still under the gums. Patients with pericoronitis usually decide to have their wisdom teeth removed. If not treated, the infection around the wisdom tooth can result in sore throats and the swelling of the lymph nodes.

Bad breath or constant unpleasant taste in the mouth

While there are numerous reasons for bad breath, like sinus colds, bad sleep breathing or dietary choices, the eruption of wisdom teeth can also cause bad breath. On top of that, since the location of your wisdom teeth is the least accessible, they become a potential breeding ground for bacteria.

As your wisdom tooth emerges towards the end of your mouth, it will be hard for you to reach it – whether to brush, floss, or maintain good dental hygiene in general. As such, it is likely to experience bad breath or a constant unpleasant taste in your mouth until you have your wisdom tooth extracted.


These are a couple of visible indicators that signal the need for wisdom teeth removal. While not all impacted wisdom teeth need to be extracted, if you have been experiencing pain or discomfort from these third molars, it’s recommended to seek a professional for further examination.

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