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What’s The Relationship Between Your Oral And Heart Health?

Aside from the clear advantages of a healthy mouth and fresh breath, you might be unaware of the benefits that good oral hygiene has on your heart’s wellbeing.

In fact, multiple studies conducted around the world have found a correlation between periodontal disease and cardiac disease. Diseases in the mouth like gum infection, tooth decay and gum inflammation are the ones that can produce the most harmful effects on your heart.

How does your oral health impact heart health?

In a study on the relationship between oral and heart health, researchers wanted to examine whether a person’s brushing habits played a part in their odds of getting cardiac complications – however significant this role might be. So, for a comprehensive approach to this study, the researchers collected brush habits and heart health of over 680 people. The result? They found that those who brushed less than twice a day tripled their risk of suffering from stroke, heart attack or heart failure. 

American Heart Association’s (AHA) journal supports this and notes that gum diseases contribute to the worsening of blood pressure and medication resistance. Needless to say, poor observance of oral hygiene can cause a variety of gum problems. But most people are unaware that it can also foster the development of heart valve problems, such as endocarditis.

How exactly do heart complications arise?

Heart complications wrought by bad oral hygiene are not common knowledge because the connection between the heart and mouth has not been thoroughly discussed. If a person suffers from various gum problems and leaves them untreated, bacteria can find their way into the blood vessels and towards the heart.

Additionally, studies have shown a connection between this infection of the bloodstream and an elevation of the C-reactive protein. When this happens, there is a clear indicator of an inflammation in the person’s blood vessel – putting the patient at risk of heart disease.

How can you avoid heart complications?

With links to cardiovascular disease, the conditions mentioned can be life-threatening. But thankfully, habits as simple as proper oral care goes a long way in keeping these threats at bay.

According to Dr Ann Bolger, a medicine emeritus professor and cardiologist at the University of California, this research topic is a helpful reminder that oral health is crucial to overall health. She also adds that it’s highly important to stick to simple and daily habits to improve one’s overall health.

All over the world, dental professionals recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each – a small price to pay for good cardiovascular health. But aside from just routine brushing and flossing, it’s also best to visit your dentist every three to six months to ensure your oral health is in check. A dental appointment can also spot any potential oral concerns and get them treated before any complications develop.


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