What are dentures?

Dentures are custom-made removable appliances that help to replace missing teeth. They mimic the shape, size, and color of natural teeth to help in eating and to bring back a beautiful smile. At Luminous, we provide acrylic, cobalt-chrome and flexible valplast dentures.

How to take care of dentures?

  • Patients should understand they need a period of time to get used to the new dentures
  • It is advisable to remove and rinse the dentures after every meal
  • Remove dentures before sleeping and soak them in water
  • Should the dentures loosen after prolonged period of time, a denture adhesive ( eg Polident) may be used
  • If there is pain, ulcers, bleeding or swelling,  stop wearing the dentures for 3 to 5 days. If the signs still persist, call us to adjust the dentures.
  • If the denture breaks, book an appointment with the clinic to arrange for repair
  • Should there be any calculus appearing, dentures can be sent to lab for cleaning

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