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Why An Overbite Correction Is More Important Than You Think

Over the years, with a change in the human diet, our jaw structures have adapted to suit softer foods – inevitably resulting in an overbite. While overbites are familiar and deemed normal, many don’t realise that an excessive overbite can pose oral and health concerns. With causes such as genetics, thumb-sucking childhood habits or excessive teeth grinding, these are many factors that induce excessive movements in our mouth and result in a bad overbite.

So, what is defined as a severe overbite? Typically, if the overlap between the top and bottom rows of teeth is over 3-4 millimetres, it’s time to consider an overbite treatment. If you happen to have an excessive overbite but feel apprehensive about seeking dental treatment, read on as we tackle the reasons why it might be best to have it corrected. 

1. You can avoid TMJ Issues

The ability to open and close your jaws when eating and speaking is all thanks to your TMJ, also known as the temporomandibular joint. With one joint on either side of your jaw, these joints act as a hinge that connects your lower jaw to the skull, allowing for jaw movement.

However, with habits like teeth clenching, excessive gum chewing, or even bad posture, a misaligned jaw puts pressure on the TMJ, leading to damage and possible TMJ disorders. If your overbite causes your jaw to be misaligned, it’s best to seek treatment to avoid soreness in the area, headaches, or ringing in the ears. In time, TMJ disorders can eventually make speaking, yawning, and eating difficult to do.

2. Prevents gum and tooth damage

Bad overbites can also cause damage to your teeth and gums. Should your overbite cause your choppers to be in disarray, your lower front teeth may come into contact with the gum line at the back of your upper front teeth and ultimately leads to gum recession.

Apart from that, excessive overlap in your teeth can cause your teeth to rub against one another frequently, speeding up wear and tear or chipping. Should the wearing of tooth enamel (the protective outer covering of your tooth) persist, the inner and more fragile areas of your teeth become more vulnerable, more susceptible to cavities and other gum diseases.

3. Enhances your facial structure

While a change in facial structure might not be obvious initially, over time, an overbite can result in your lower jawbone sitting further back. The visual result is having cheekbones and a chin that appears less pronounced. But, if the overbite is corrected accordingly, not only will you avoid a variety of TMJ issues and damage to your gums and teeth, but the jaw treatment can offer you a more pleasant and sharper looking jawline!

4. Corrects speech impediments

When your tongue isn’t able to hit the roof of your mouth as it should, you might find difficulty in pronouncing certain letters and sounds. Patients with excessive overbite may not be able to articulate words with the ‘f’ and ‘s’ sounds. Fortunately, with overbite treatment and speech practices, correcting your speech impediments is very much possible.


While overbites might appear to be a cosmetic issue, an excessive one can be a catalyst for several problems. That’s why seeking correction for orthodontic problems is highly recommended, either with the conventional braces treatment or with Invisalign dental treatment that typically offers a shorter correction period.

To offer you a brighter and healthier smile, our highly qualified team of dentists at Luminous Dental is here to assist with any of your teeth alignment needs. Offering a variety of orthodontic services such as metal, ceramic braces, or Invisalign, visit us today to get the smile you deserve.