Top 4 Ways To Care For Your Teeth After Braces Removal

Top 4 Ways To Care For Your Teeth After Braces Removal

After a long journey of wearing your braces, the day to remove them at the dentist has finally arrived. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing your much-anticipated, perfectly aligned pearly whites for the first time! 

But, even though your braces are now off, your braces treatment is yet to be completed. Aside from donning a pair of retainers to help stabilise your teeth in their new arrangement, you also need to diligently engage in proper post-orthodontic care to maintain healthy teeth and gums. 

By actively taking steps to keep your teeth clean, you can avoid any possible dental complications that may arise. For that, here are the top ways to care for your teeth after removing your braces.

Schedule a professional cleaning session 

As soon as your braces come off, schedule a cleaning session with your dentist so that you can start your new braces-free life with clean, stain-free teeth. 

With braces on, thoroughly brushing and flossing your teeth around metal wires and brackets can be a challenging task, especially when cleaning the harder-to-reach areas like the back of your mouth. Chances are, you will not be able to cover all grounds while brushing your teeth. Over an extended period, a lack of proper cleaning can result in leftover stains, teeth discolouration, or plaque build-up around your gums. 

But with your orthodontic appliances gone, your dentist can perform a careful inspection of your teeth and gums and remediate any underlying oral health issues. They can also monitor your oral health and ensure that your teeth are kept in top shape. 

Practice good oral hygiene daily 

Braces are an investment in attaining a set of perfect, gleaming teeth. To fully leverage your orthodontic purchase and ensure that you reap excellent, long-lasting results, it’s best to commit to a daily oral regimen. This way, you can prevent potential oral infections, such as tooth decay and periodontal disease.

With your braces removed, brushing and flossing your teeth becomes a hassle-free process. Practising good oral hygiene for a healthier smile only requires you to dedicate a few minutes of your day. 

The first step is to brush your teeth with a soft-bristled brush minimally twice a day to remove any surrounding plaque and tartar. After consuming sugary foods or caffeinated drinks, be sure to rinse with mouthwash to prevent teeth staining. Additionally, don’t forget to floss at least once a day to remove any food particles stuck in your teeth that a toothbrush cannot reach.

Opt for a teeth whitening service 

After removing your braces, you may notice small spots of discolouration on your teeth, especially in places where your brackets were previously attached. Teeth discolouration is a common occurrence as patients struggle to brush their teeth properly with braces on. Hence, plaque can collect around metal wires and brackets, resulting in stained teeth. 

Any slight differences in your teeth’s colour and tone will eventually even out over time. But in severe cases whereby your pearly whites are heavily stained, opting for a whitening treatment at an experienced dentist is ideal. Not only can it cover up any oral imperfections, but whitening your teeth can do wonders in boosting your confidence.

Clean your retainers every day 

Wearing a retainer is crucial in keeping your current teeth arrangement stable. Because of the need to wear daily, remember to dedicate time to clean your retainer regularly. Without proper maintenance, your retainer can become a breeding ground for bacteria and cause you to be susceptible to oral infections. 

Depending on your personal dental needs, the model of your retainer can vary. For patients who have undergone Invisalign dental treatment, they will be given transparent, removable aligners. For other braces treatment, patients will utilise metal bonded retainers for daily wear. 

All you need to do is clean removable retainers with a toothbrush soaked in baking soda and water. If you are wearing fixed retainers, the best way to prevent bacteria growth is to floss daily to dislodge any food particles stuck between your teeth. Should you be unsure of how to care for your retainers, always consult your dentist for tips. 


These are a couple of practical tips that can aid you in achieving optimal oral hygiene after removing your braces. With improved dental health, you will feel much more confident flaunting your beautiful smile. 

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