4 Fascinating Orthodontic Facts You Didn’t Know About

The science behind an attractive face is often rooted in symmetry and it’s no surprise that having straight and aligned pearly whites can boost one’s appearance by a long shot. Of course, cosmetic factors aren’t the sole reason why straightened teeth are highly desirable.

Whether it’d be to boost your self-esteem or correct your misaligned bite, dental treatment is a must! That said, know that orthodontic treatments aren’t just about wires, brackets and elastics. We’ve compiled 4 fascinating orthodontic facts that may just surprise you.

1. NASA Had A Part In Creating Braces

Traditional metal braces are comprised of 3 main parts: wires, brackets and elastics. Ever wondered how the metal used in wires don’t react or rust despite being exposed to moisture? These metal wirings and brackets are made from titanium alloy, and part of it includes nickel titanium, an alloy that that was developed by NASA for their space program.

When used in orthodontic treatments, these wires can retain their shape after being attached to the teeth just by body heat alone.

2. Braces Have Been Around For 3 Centuries

Braces have been a staple in the realignment of teeth but did you know that the first braces were designed over 300 years ago? Dubbed as the Father of Dentistry, Pierre Fauchard designed the world’s first braces in 1728. His braces consisted of a flat metal that was later attached to the teeth by a thin thread.

With the rise of malocclusion research in the 20th century, more advanced and modern orthodontic treatments were later introduced to help address tooth alignment more effectively.

3. Orthodontic Practices Was Prevalent Even In Ancient Egypt

Braces may have been around since the 18th century, but the desire for straightened teeth goes further back. In fact, archaeologists believed that this desire is very much prevalent in Ancient Egypt. They’ve uncovered mummies with teeth wrapped with cords made out of animal intestines, and are believed to be practised to help straighten their crooked teeth.

4. Braces Aren’t Just For Kids

If you think your time for a little tweaking of your crooked teeth has long gone, think again! When one thinks of braces, one usually thinks of the typical braces with brackets and wirings. Whilst these braces have once again in trend amongst kids and teenagers alike, its popularity doesn’t transcend over to the adult demographic.

These traditional braces are hardly inconspicuous and may deter adults from opting for orthodontic treatments. If you don’t wish to have people zone into the metal wirings on your teeth, don’t fret! Clear braces have finally graced the market to give you an effective orthodontic solution that has seamless and almost invisible finish!

Orthodontic techniques and tools, as with many other clinical treatments, have effectively evolved and improved over the years. From wrapping one’s teeth with animal intestines, to a singular metal plate, metal brackets and now, Invisalign; it’s clear that dentistry and orthodontic practices have come a long way.

At the heart of these advancements, however, one thing remains clear: people have desired straight teeth since long ago, and it doesn’t seem to change any time soon.

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